The Boutique Podcast

As boutiques scale the way decisions are made must change. A startup benefits from the speed of a single decision maker. However, during scale, the decision-making ability of the founder is diminished.  


Splitting the equity in a partnership is difficult. However, there is a proper way to do it that results in lots of wealth being created. Learn how to fix broken legacy partnership agreements as you grow, scale, and exit.  


The size of your market is most accurately measured by your ability to reach the decision makers in your niche. Growing a boutique is hard and the size of the prize needs to be worth the level of effort.

Designing the compensation system for Partners at boutique professional service firms requires special treatment. Partners are not like other employees and getting their pay system correct requires strategic thought.

The type of engagement you sell and deliver determines the growth strategy of a boutique. There are two types of engagements - elephants and rabbits and understanding which you are hunting is a key to growth. 

A top reason owners fail to exit is a decline in performance during the process of selling the firm. On this episode, we discuss how to avoid making this mistake.   

As your boutique professional service firm scales, recruiting shows up on the list of priorities. The days of recruiting from your personal network are over and the ability to recruit at scale separates the winners from the losers.

Founders of boutiques can increase their rate of growth by professionalizing their marketing and sales approach. On this episode, learn the fundamental building blocks to professionalize your sales and marketing efforts. 

Founders of boutiques often mistakenly equate number of employees with success. However, lots of employees signals a poorly run firm. On this episode, we make the case for fewer employees and illustrate the impact to profitability.   

The service offering is how to deliver value to the client and designing it correctly is a mission-critical task. On this episode, we discuss how to re-think service design and delivery to accelerated profits.