what's inside

    • Written for owners of boutique professional services firms
    • Learn how to scale a business; how to sell a business
    • Practical advice with actionable insights
    • Step-by-step approach with examples
    • Useful 10 question checklists
    • Clear, concise, easy read

About the Author

Greg Alexander Founder, Collective 54

Greg Alexander has dedicated his professional life to helping owners of boutiques. He spent a decade leading his own boutique, SBI, which he sold for nine figures. Then, he founded Collective 54 to bring together founders and leaders of boutiques to help each other grow, scale and exit bigger and faster.

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what's inside

    • The Founder Bottleneck: What it is, who it impacts, when it hits you, and why it is your biggest obstacle.
    • A succession planning process, designed to remove the Founder Bottleneck.
    • Ten Collective 54 role models who have overcome the Founder Bottleneck. 
    • Checklists, checklists, and more checklists. In true Collective 54 style, an abundance of practical tools.
    • Why power members make more money, work less, and exit more often than standard members.


Darren Isaacs & Paul Emery

Darren Isaacs and Paul Emery Own and Operate Makosi. Makosi is how professional services firms take on more work without taking on more full-time employees. With world-class talent on-demand for audits, deals, and more. 

Jeff Pedowitz

Jeff is the President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group. TPG helps you plan, build and optimize your revenue engine.

Sam Shepler

Sam is the CEO at Testimonial Hero. They help B2B revenue teams close deals 40% faster with the customer video content for your entire funnel.

Renzi Stone

Renzi is the Executive Chairman at Saxum. Saxum is an issues-obsessed agency delivering strategic campaigns and digital solutions for a changing world.

Bart Bartlett

Bart is the CEO at DemandZEN. They provide outsourced demand generation for companies looking to expand their revenue opportunities.

Adriaan Bouten

Adriaan is the Founder and CEO of Digital Prism Advisors, a boutique consulting firm helping mid-sized to enterprise organizations identify and execute digital growth opportunities. 

David Suydam

David is the CEO at Architech. They help their clients to modernize their enterprise systems and to innovate and scale cloud native applications.

Chris Rozum

Chris is the Founder and CEO at Insight Managed Solutions. They help their clients with Site Benchmarking, Training, Process Build & Transfer, Staff Augmentation, Transformations and Consulting.

TK Herman

TK sold his boutique firm, Aptera, for eight figures. Aptera focused on helping their clients solve their real-world problems and create efficiency through innovative web development, web & mobile app development.

Jeff Pruitt

Jeff is the Chairman and CEO at Tallwave. Over the years they’ve launched startups, helped Fortune 500 brands transform their brands and products, and helped drive growth and value for hundreds of companies.