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Boutiques often suffer from an identity crisis, and this makes scaling harder than it needs to be. On this episode, we discuss life cycle with Chris Rozum, Founder & CEO, of Insite Managed Solutions, LLC. 

C54 member William Lieberman, Managing Partner of The CEO's Right Hand, shares insights on where to find the cash to scale your professional services firm.

There are 7 common mistakes made when trying to sell a professional services firm. On this episode, we interview TK Herman, President and Co-Founder of Aptera, a focused IT consultancy and managed services provider.

There are two sales tools that allow boutique founders to win bigger, faster, and more often. On this episode, we discuss these tools with C54 member Nate Kievman, CEO of Linked Strategies.  

Boutique firms often grow but do not scale. On this episode, we discuss this counter intuitive theory by interviewing Lawrence King, CEO of Headstorm to learn how improved leverage increases incomes and wealth. 

The first step in selling a professional service firm is knowing why you are selling, before you sell. On this episode, we interview Renzi Stone, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Saxum to learn about the important questions to consider when thinking of selling your firm.

Scaling a boutique professional services firm requires capital and not all capital is the same. On this episode, we interview Josh Miramant, Founder and CEO at Blue Orange Digital to learn about the three sources of scale capital.

Boutiques professional services firms lose more deals to a competitor we call “Do Nothing” than any other competitor. On this episode, we interview Collective 54 Member Beth Trejo, the CEO and Co-Founder of Chatterkick, on how to overcome this competitor. 

The opportunity cost of spending your prime in a lifestyle business is too large. On this episode, we discuss a 3-part framework to address this issue and demonstrate how to use it.

How you manage unsolicited interest in buying your boutique will impact your ability to exit.  On this episode, we discuss how firm owners can capitalize on inbound interest.