What We Do

Hundreds of minds are better then one

Our mastermind community provides peer-to-peer mentoring, expertise sharing, and Pro Serv specific programming.

Members solve their problems by getting advice from other group members and from Collective 54 industry experts. Learn what’s working and what’s not.

To grow, scale, and sell a boutique professional services firm is too much work for one person.  Here you get the collective wisdom, relationships and resources you need from true peers running firms like yours, facing challenges you’re facing.

It’s simple: we grow bigger and faster together.

How We Are Different

Highly Relevant

We're true community of your peers. 100% Pro Serv founders, partners and leaders with an ownership stake in their firms.


We're a modern peer learning community. C54 is built from the ground up for time-pressed leaders like you. On-demand. Anytime. Anywhere.


We offer three tiers of membership customized to the lifecycle stage and goals of your firm.


You can immediately implement the peer learning, solutions, and resources you get from the community.

Collective 54 taught me things that I didn't even know I wasn't doing: how to better organize my balance sheet, how to better work on utilization, than retaining talent, how to make sure I'm billing the right amount for the right services thinking about my revenue mix.
Renzi Stone
Founder and Chairman, Saxum

Customized Membership Based On Your Business

Joining our mastermind community is not a one-size-fits-all experience.
Our three different membership tiers are based on the lifecycle stage and goals of your firm:


Growth to us means generating enough revenue to ensure owners of professional services companies can fund their lifestyle. These tend to be young firms with first-time founders and CEOs that have great potential.


Scale to us means owners and partners who work less yet make more income. They work smarter not harder. These established professional services companies tend to be about halfway through their lifecycle.


Exit to us means owners and partners who want to sell their firms at the right time, for the right price, and on the right terms. These mature firms are often led by a group of partners who would like to pursue other interests.


By having your partners and key leaders join the mastermind community with you, everyone saves time by learning together. As the team learns together in real-time, the learning gets instilled deeper and faster.


Our members are transforming their firms and overcoming the obstacles bigger and faster. Hear what they have to say about their experience in the Collective.

Renzi Stone
CEO of Saxum

Brenna Garratt
CEO of Sustena Group

Jerome Redmond
CEO of American Truck Training

The first mastermind community for

boutique professional services firms.

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