Greg Alexander


How to Work with Greg Alexander

Hey there. My name is Greg. I sold my boutique for $162 million. I owned the majority of it and I had no debt, so after the sale, I never had to worry about money again. Because I worked my ass off for the better part of a decade building my firm, my wife and I decided to travel the world for a couple of years.

We felt we had earned it.

The saying is true. Money won’t make you happy… at least not entirely. There are only so many steaks you can eat and rounds of golf you can play and countries you can visit before you find yourself searching for meaning.

This search for meaning was, ultimately, what inspired me to start Collective 54.

After doing a bit of soul searching––in government, academia, philanthropy and religion––I realized that I was put on this Earth to be an entrepreneur and, more importantly, help others be entrepreneurs.

I asked myself, as a seasoned veteran in building and scaling boutiques, who could I help most?

The answer was obvious: Me, ten years ago.

Yes. Collective 54 is a business. I believe in healthy capitalism. But, I don’t take so much as $1 out of it. I’m just a volunteer––or a mentor, rather––helping ambitious leaders of boutique professional service firms build generational wealth.

This leads me to the offer I mentioned earlier. If you click the button down below, you’ll be knocking on the door of Collective 54. We will push you further than you’ve been pushed and challenge you to let go of your preconceived notions of what it means to run a boutique.

But, if you’re willing to put in the work, I promise you’ll find it to be the ride of your life.

leadership team

Jeff Klaumann


Greg might have been the founder that brought Collective 54 together but Jeff is the one that runs the business. 

As Chief Operating Officer, Jeff sees to it that everything runs smoothly. He’s been groomed for management at both MIT and Stanford. He’s clocked over 25 years at the executive level. He’s pragmatic. He’s precise. And, most importantly, he’s dead-set on helping every member in Collective 54 earn more, work less and exit bigger (and faster).

Julie Rogers


Julie adds value to members of the mastermind community by ensuring they leverage all available Collective 54 resources to achieve their desired outcomes as they grow, scale, and exit their professional services firms.

Her team onboards every new member and conducts intensive monthly business reviews. When members find themselves in a bind and in desperate need of guidance, they turn to Julie.

She received an MBA from NYU Stern and a BA in Marketing from the University of Georgia. She lives in Bogotá, Colombia with her husband. 

Kristin Runyan


Kristin helps our members Grow, Scale and Exit their firms by delivering tools that can propel members to higher heights faster. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing an individual and their firm exceed their wildest expectations.

Having developed products for enterprises all across the country, Kristin has an uncanny knack for coming up with simple, actionable solutions… which is precisely what she’s doing at Collective 54.

Kristin Runyan has spent most of her career pursuing her true love – Product Management. She is passionate about processes which led her to Agile – a subject that has provided the material for two published books.