Craig Dreiling: Founder and CEO, Solutions-101

Solutions-101 experiences a seven-figure breakout win after joining collective 54

processes but no capacity

Solutions-101 uses proprietary software to assist dental practices with
repositioning their insurance reimbursements to increase profits and retain patients. Although helping clients grow their revenue is one of his specialties, the firm’s founder, Craig Dreiling, struggled to do the same himself.

Craig’s growth strategy was to first focus on sales, then delivering services followed by client management. When he completed the cycle, he started at the beginning with sales again. He realized this cycle wouldn’t get his business where he wanted it to go.

“Sure, we were growing, but we hit a ceiling, and the problems we faced
were self-inflicted,” said Craig. “Not only did I not have the right processes in place, but I also didn’t invest in the right people to break through that ceiling. Consequently, we just didn’t have the capacity for significant growth. I could only do so much.”


To solve his capacity issues, Craig intended to either increase prices or grow the number of clients the firm serves at one time. However, Craig noted that “it’s a real struggle doing either or both if you don’t understand how to
manage toward those objectives.”

Craig continued, “There are a lot of groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that say they can help members better manage their business, but it’s nearly impossible to know the expertise of the group’s leadership—they may just be out to make money. You have to take them at their word that what they and the group’s members share will work.”

His situation left Craig open to solutions. When one of his neighbors shared Collective 54 founder Greg Alexander’s book titled The Boutique: How to Start, Scale, and Sell a Professional Services Firm, Craig immediately purchased and read it. That led him to become a member of Collective 54, a community specifically geared toward professional services firms.


Collective 54 is a curated mastermind community for professional services
firms. With members who talk among themselves and help each other learn,
the community aims to help them make more money, work fewer hours, and get to a bigger exit faster. This is accomplished through peer-to-peer mentoring, expertise sharing, and specialized programming built to help founders and owners grow, scale, and sell their firms.

“After joining Collective 54, I immediately got a reality check,” said Craig. “I found it difficult to explain to the people in my group what my company does. When I tried, I received lots of questions. That was a pivotal moment for me. I realized then my team had to get hyper-focused on our company’s messaging so that we can improve as a team and raise the caliber of our clients.”

Struggling with creating a clear value proposition and targeting the ideal client profile are common themes among Collective 54 members.
Fortunately, members struggling with these issues have the opportunity to learn from other members who have solved the same problems.

Even though Craig is the first to admit that he hasn’t taken full advantage of what Collective 54 offers, he said the community is more of an asset than expected.

“I’m still a member after two years because the organization is constantly evolving,” said Craig. “Every interaction either challenges or validates my thinking on a topic. I benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of the organization’s members.”

collective 54 business impact

leveled up project size

“After joining Collective 54 and realizing how to do what we do, things shifted quickly,” said Craig. “We signed a seven-digit contract worth more than we’ve ever earned in a year.”

increased revenue

“We didn’t change the fundamentals of what we do—we just streamlined operations and changed how we presented ourselves to our clients,” said Craig. “By doing that and staffing appropriately, we drastically increased revenue by changing our pricing model.”

improved quality of life

“Owning your own business isn’t always glamorous—it’s a lot of work that creates lots of stress,” said Craig. “Collective 54 gives me a cheat sheet to operating my business successfully so that I can improve my quality of life.”