Unleash Your Potential

    When every decision counts, the peer-to-peer advisory network of Collective 54 is the fastest way to get reliable answers from owners like you at companies likes yours. Collective 54 gives you access to truly independent, unbiased and expert advice on the most critical priorities facing a business owner, to accelerate the growth and scale of your business and to maximize the valuation of your firm.

    The Collective Difference

    By harnessing the knowledge, influence and experience of our members, Collective 54 meets current and predicted business needs and opportunities in a curated, tailored experience for each individual member.

    • National Peer-to-Peer Advisory Network
    • Proprietary Diagnostics and Assessments
    • Effective Solution Templates and Learning Resources
    • Personalized, Concierge-Level Service
    • Monthly Facilitated Conversations and Curated Connections
    • Resource Center with Guided Learning Tracks
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    Build Valuable Relationships

    By collaborating with peers, Collective 54 members benefit from the pragmatic tools and strategic advice of experienced business owners within their industry. Peers offer advice that solves problems and overcomes challenges, as well as elevates every aspect of operations.

    We match members with a peer groups designed to address their unique goals and challenges. Members receive advice from seasoned experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

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    Member Success Managers guide members through the journey of Collective 54.  We provide concierge-level, on-demand service with access to curated connections, resources, tools, activities and events as members grow, scale and maximize the value of their firms.

    Build valued relationships with members and carefully cultivating connections to networks, resources and opportunities that allow members to accelerate their success.

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    Our network fosters the exchange of valuable perspectives and new ideas to support each member’s growth. By embracing the passion and creativity of our members, Collective 54 provides a safe, confidential environment. 

    The peer-to-peer experience in Collective 54 is like no other. As a national network, members are a mix of creative thinkers, curious leaders, distinguished professionals and like-minded business owners.