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    Inside Collective 54
    Who is Collective 54?
    Collective 54 is a national peer-to-peer advisory network dedicated to owners of boutique professional services firms like you, with firms like yours, facing opportunities and challenges, just like yours.  Collective 54's mission is to accelerate the success of boutique professional services owners by helping them grow, scale, and if desired, exit their firm.  We help our members solve problems, overcome challenges, and elevate every aspect of their business.  
    What does Collective 54 do?

    We are the only national membership organization providing The Collective Difference, five unique points of value you won’t find anywhere else, all designed to streamline your time investment while driving measurable results for your firm. The Collective Difference includes insightful and proprietary diagnostics; tailored solutions for the professional services industry; on-demand, concierge-level service;  impactful facilitated conversations with experts; and a national peer network of successful owners of professional services firms, like yours.

    When every decision counts, the peer-to-peer advisory network of Collective 54 is the fastest way to get answers from owners like you, at companies likes yours, with challenges like yours.   Discuss the hard problems you can't talk about anywhere else.  And, get access to valuable resources you can’t find anywhere else.   

    What is the difference between Collective 54 and other networks?

    Collective 54 is like other professional membership organizations in only one aspect: that it’s for members only. Where we differ dramatically is our focus:  Collective 54 is a national peer-to-peer advisory network dedicated to business owners like you, with firms like yours, facing opportunities and challenges, just like yours.  We help our members solve problems, overcome challenges, and elevate every aspect of their business.  Every member is an owner of a boutique professional services firm, so you can get confidential advice from business owners who really know your business.  Collective 54:

    • Brings you together with the brightest leaders across the nation in your industry;
    • Connects you with other owners of professional services firms, like yours, nationwide;
    • Uses proprietary diagnostics tools, assessments and resources to identify actionable opportunities for your firm
    • Provides tailored solution templates and resources to help solve problems faster and get to the right answer quickly; and,
    • Ensures white-glove service through our Membership Success Managers.
    Is this something I should spend time on? I'm very busy.

    At Collective 54, we know that “Return on Time Invested” is an important metric for a business owner or a CEO.  And we believe that any significant time investment by the CEO should lead to a large return, and a large reward. We are the only membership community that actually measures "Return Time Invested" for every single member. And, we have absolute confidence that your investment in Collective 54, both in terms of time and money, will provide a positive, and measurable, return. We help you work “on the business” and not just “in the business” – and our members tell us that the time they’ve invested working “on the business” through Collective 54 is their most valuable part of the week.

    Our Guarantee:
    If the return on investment for your membership does not exceed your dues in the first year, we will give you 100% refund of your membership fee.

    Can I pay the membership dues on a monthly basis?

    While, we do not offer financing options over a 12-month period, we do offer two different forms of payment:  we can charge your personal or company credit card, and you can pay that balance over the next 12 months.  Or we can invoice you or your company, and you can elect to pay that invoice through check or electronic transfer of funds.  Which method works best for you?

    A Powerful Member Network
    How large is your network?

    When you join Collective 54, you join a national network of owners just like you, at firms like yours, with problems and opportunities like yours.  We are on target to accept about 200 members into the Collective, just this year alone, because Collective 54 equips our members to overcome every new challenge and reach ever-higher levels of success in this valuable peer advisory national network.  You’ll receive advice from seasoned CEOs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.  The relationships you make through Collective 54 will be invaluable to your ultimate success. 

    How do I meet other members?

    When you join Collective 54, you join a national network of owners just like you, at firms like yours, with problems and opportunities like yours.  You’ll receive advice from seasoned CEOs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise through curated connections, scheduled calls, and monthly facilitated conversations, as well as yearly face-to-face events.  The relationships you make through Collective 54 will be invaluable to your ultimate success. And, your assigned Membership Success Manager is devoted to helping you connect with other members – helping to expertly create curated connections to people, resources, tools, solutions, information and opportunities – allowing you to accelerate your success.

    Do you have local or regional chapters?

    Collective 54 is designed specifically for the owners of professional services firms and we understand how precious your time is. Collective 54 is a national network that eliminates the barriers of a “local chapter”— so your network is broader, your circle wider and influence more far-reaching. Our national network regularly exchanges knowledge, insights and experiences – but from the convenience of their office desktop or mobile phone.  Leaders from across the nation share best practices and personal insights while nurturing new relationships.  Members collaborate with exciting innovators, disruptors and influencers who are game changers in their fields - without having to leave their offices.  There’s no better way to exchange ideas among peers of similar passions, but different places; of similar talents, but different towns. Our national network multiplies your resources, accelerates your career and enriches your life.

    Unmatched services
    What diagnostics do you offer?

    Entrepreneurial business owners, like you, tend to be lifelong learners and creative thinkers who are seeking to become better leaders and Collective 54 is here to help.  We power busy owners of boutique professional services firms with proprietary diagnostic assessments that are quick, but provide the kind of remarkably valuable insight you need to grow and scale your business, ultimately accelerating your success and your eventual exit. Our assessments include the Clarity Diagnostic, the Fast Frame, the Accelerator Roadmap, the Short-term and Long-term Strategy Defense and the Exit Readiness assessment, among others.

    What solutions or resources do you offer?

    Once your firm’s highest- priority challenges and opportunities are uncovered by the Collective 54 Diagnostic assessments, we provide the fastest way to get the practical guidance you need.  Members receive access to tailored solutions, templates and resources designed specifically for professional services firms.  Using these solution templates, our members work through complicated issues and quickly deliver results driving growth and scale.   Our members have unlimited access to these solution templates and resources all housed in an easy-to-use, on-demand digital Resource Center.

    What are “Facilitated Conversations” and can I access them as a guest?

    Collective 54 organizes and orchestrates conversations between members on today’s most important issues and topics that impact professional services owners. By sharing lessons learned with peers, Collective 54 members benefit from the expertise of other successful business owners in their industry, trading advice, solving problems, overcoming challenges and elevating every aspect of their operations. Whether you are focused on market expansion or pricing strategies, you will find value in joining in the conversation to discuss what has worked and what hasn’t from people who have done it all.  

    You can receive access to one Monthly Facilitated Conversation as a Guest, but otherwise, these conversations are reserved for members of Collective 54.

    What do you mean that you offer “On-Demand Service”?

    We offer on-demand, concierge-level service that is personalized to your needs and on your schedule, by an assigned Membership Success Manager.  Our Membership Success Managers provide VIP concierge service to every member, and fulfill every request on their journey to grow, scale and exit their business.  Your assigned Membership Success Manager is devoted to you to ensure a successful Collective 54 experience – helping to expertly create curated connections to people, resources, tools, solutions, information and opportunities – allowing you to accelerate their success. 

    Details of the Diagnostics
    Clarity Diagnostic – “What drives you?”

    WHY: Most leaders don’t know who they are. Lack of self-awareness is a predominant leadership flaw. The Clarity Diagnostic diagnostic helps leaders develop the self-knowledge they need to act with competence and confidence. Build your understanding of yourself and sharpen your perception of how others see you, so you can become an inspirational leader to your team - and your clients.

    WHAT DO I GET:   The Clarity Diagnostic is a quick 10 minute assessment that gives you three things:

    1. Actionable insight into your personal leadership style, your key motivations and drives, your natural strengths, and behavioral patterns;
    2. Details on how to leverage your most naturally occurring behavioral style in a variety of situations; and,
    3. An understanding of which Collective 54 Member Experience Lead and Industry Mentor is well-suited to your personality, your motivations, drives and needs.
    Fast Frame – “What path is your company on?”

    WHY:  This insightful audit of your firm can help you explore ways to address critical business issues and opportunities in a smarter, faster way. 

    WHAT DO I GET:   Fast Frame is a 30-minute survey that helps you quickly identify the roadblocks and obstacles to achieving your goals of growing and scaling your firm.  With Fast Frame, you tell us about your firm, what’s working, what’s not, and what you’ve tried. In return, you’ll receive immediate feedback and ideas from your mentor and industry group for achieving breakthroughs across your goals of growth, scale, profitability, or valuation.

    Accelerator Roadmap – “Identify your urgent opportunities, faster.”

    WHY:  The Accelerator Roadmap is a quick 15 minute diagnostic that helps you develop strategies that enhance your firm’s performance and drive results.

    WHAT DO I GET: There are 6 critical areas and 23 characteristics which control the rate of growth and scale in your company. The Accelerator Roadmap uncovers blind spots and helps to define the priorities for your first year of membership in the Collective. The Accelerator Roadmap sets the stage to enable and support the growth of your firm without being hampered as you scale and increase profitability.

    Strategy Defense Process – “Achieve consistently superior results.”

    WHY:  The strategy defense process begins with a 45-minute, in-depth diagnostic, giving you the opportunity to improve operational efficiency, overcome roadblocks, and implement processes and systems that yield consistently superior results. 

    WHAT DO I GET:   This process helps you 1) maximize the positive impact of your unique value drivers, 2) increase business value, and 3) ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.

    Exit Readiness Assessment – “Are you prepared?”

    WHY:  This in-depth, 45-minute evaluative process drives an accurate perspective of your firm’s readiness and helps owners identify the areas that need improvement, to help ensure they successfully reach their financial goals and a smooth and successful exit and transition from the business.

    WHAT DO I GET:  Owners seeking to maximize their financial return must ensure a smooth and successful transition from the business. Even before the sale occurs, the Exit Readiness Assessment lays the groundwork by identifying areas which need immediate improvement, driving your company’s value to peak, and protecting your assets. It is the must-have tool for the best results.

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