Membership Overview

    Why Join Collective 54

    Collective 54 is the only private national community for owners of professional services firms focused exclusively on growing, scaling and maximizing firm valuation. In fact, Collective 54 has the most exclusive access to the highest-caliber professional services business owners in the world.

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    Grow & Thrive

    If you want to grow and thrive - and make an impact with the firm you’re building - Collective 54 can help you identify near-term opportunities, uncover blind spots and master the unique challenges of growing a leading firm. As part of the Collective 54 network, you’ll tap into a powerful ecosystem to help you expand your client base, forge new partnerships, build your brand, find investors and funding sources, enhance your service network, identify potential investment opportunities, and more.


    Master Scale

    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    With Collective 54, you can gain fresh perspectives on complex issues to optimize business decisions and business results as you scale. Get access to models of success and expert advice to help you sharpen your short-term strategy without sacrificing performance. If you are motivated to learn from exceptional leaders who have mastered the unique challenges of building and scaling a leading professional services firm, join us.


    Maximize Value

    Build Wealth

    Learn how to transition ownership of your firm at the right time, with the right terms, at the right price. Get personalized guidance from a core group of trusted peers to navigate the challenges of maximizing the valuation of your firm. Stress-test your decisions with an experienced peer group who will offer unbiased advice in a confidential environment to transition your business. If you want to maximize the enterprise value of your firm alongside a group of experts and peers on the same journey, join us.




    Member Leadership

    The real value of this community is the relationships and advice you gain from other leaders who understand your personal and professional experiences. Using the power of real-time peer advice, members connect to make meaningful breakthroughs on the topics that matter most.

    Meet Our Leaders


    Three Purpose-Built Programs

    Only Collective 54 offers a comprehensive platform for success that includes five core elements, across all three tiers of membership. It’s a proven way to drive your firm’s growth and scale, maximize the valuation of your firm, and accelerate your success. 

    No One Else Offers a More Comprehensive Method

    Only Collective 54 offers a comprehensive method for success that includes five core elements, across all three tiers of membership:

    • Access to a trusted group of successful owners of professional services firms nationwide.
    • Proprietary diagnostics, assessments, and resources to accelerate your learning and insight.
    • Tailored solution templates and guides to overcome any challenge.
    • Professional guidance and deep insights from confidential consultations with peers.
    • On-demand service from the dedicated staff focused on helping you accelerate your success


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