How Does Collective 54 Work

    Collective 54 ENGAGEMENT MODEL

    Members spend about 1 hour per week engaging in a combination of the following activities:

    Self Study

    • Members, working by themselves, engage with the intellectual property of the collective. For instance, they use diagnostic tools to identify blind spots, leverage templates to save time, and listen to podcasts to educate themselves.

    Small Group Learning

    • Members, working with their Leadership Boards of 8-10 peers, solve problems and innovate through peer collaboration. For instance, members develop new strategies and stress test them with their peers before taking them to market.

    Expert Instruction 

    • Members are granted access to experts who know how to grow, scale, and exit professional services firms. For instance, Friday morning’s Greg Alexander, Collective 54’s Founder, teaches a topic and leads a Q & A session.

    In addition, members often opt-in for additional activities. For example, it is common for our members to hire each other’s firms, and refer each other clients.

    All members are supported by a member success manager. This dedicated resource is charged with getting members what they want quickly and easily.


    What members Says

    Collective 54 Members are transforming their businesses and overcoming the obstacles of growing, scaling, and exiting professional services firms.  

    Member Testimonials