Julian Lumpkin: Founder and CEO, SuccessKit

how a relevant peer group makes a bigger impact

searching for best practices

Julian Lumpkin had ambitious plans for growing SuccessKit, a
professional services firm that produces case studies, video testimonials, and custom content for B2B-focused companies. As the founder and CEO, Julian wanted help and support in running his business.

“Because we create content in a complex and competitive sector, it’s critical that I operate the business according to relevant best practices,” said Julian. “Over the years, I’ve learned that creating content demands a specific set of skills, and running a content creation business requires quite a different set of skills—skills that must be learned.”

Prior to launching SuccessKit, Julian worked primarily for technology companies. As such, he knew how to run a software as a service (SaaS) company, but not a professional services firm, and so he wasn’t confident that he could properly grow SuccessKit.

“Even after several years operating SuccessKit, I still struggled to find useful best practices that pointed me in the right direction,” said Julian. “The information I was digesting from the Internet and LinkedIn was mostly related to running technology companies or other types of businesses.”

A passively managed LinkedIn group would not have met Julian’s needs, and other professional networks would only have given him information irrelevant to his type of business. Julian’s goal was to find a community of professional services leaders to discuss the issues he faced daily.

collective 54: THe Pro Serv mastermind group

Collective 54 is the first mastermind group designed for boutique professional services firms. The community’s objective is to empower its members to earn more while working less. This is accomplished through peer-to-peer mentoring, expertise sharing, and specialized programming developed to help founders and owners grow, scale, and sell their firms.

“As far as I know, Collective 54 is the only fully managed network for professional services firms,” said Julian. “Sure, there are some groups out there for professional services firms, but no one is actively running them for the benefit of its members. Meanwhile, Collective 54’s founder has been in my shoes, and he has a full-time team dedicated to making one-on-one connections and helping me get the information I need.”

Once Julian understood what Collective 54 offered, he realized he found the perfect network to meet his needs.

“Interacting with knowledgeable peers has been one of the best
outcomes from being a member of Collective 54,” said Julian. “When I have a question, I can send a direct message to another member and get a response. It’s like I have instant, actionable information at my fingertips.”

collective 54 business impact

saved money

“Thanks to Collective 54 members, I avoided hiring the wrong automation vendor and found a much better option that saved me money,” said Julian.

increased productivity

Julian noted that “because the other members of Collective 54 provide the kind of support I was looking for, I’m much more productive by spending my time and attention on the right actions
targeted at growing my business.”

saved time

“Based on what I’ve learned from Collective 54, I’ve directly saved my own time and energy by focusing on the things that help me achieve my goals,” said Julian.