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    Weekly Discussions are a round-table exchange of ideas, best practices and innovative solutions offering actionable advice with real take-away value. By sharing in this open exchange, Collective 54 members can effectively address the most urgent topics facing their business. It’s the fastest way to get actionable advice, real answers and unbiased feedback.
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    The Relationship Between Trust and Successful Organizations
    Facilitated by Dominic Wilhelm, Founder and Executive Director of Trust XVII
    Trust allows us to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in today. The role and importance of trust in all your engagement efforts cannot be under-estimated or under-valued. Without a purposeful and consistent effort to foster trust and build strong relationships at every step of the way, even the best-designed and thoughtful engagement processes will almost certainly either fail or fall far short of the success you seek to achieve.  Learn how higher trust levels are a strong indicator of a successful capital raise as well as attracting and retaining client relationships.
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    Gary Russell

    The Winning Profile:  What Makes You Extraordinary
    TUESDAY, OCT 8TH | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET

    Facilitated by Gary Russell, Founder and CEO of the Winning Profile
    There is research and science behind a new and better way to recruit, select and develop talent. Why are we so inefficient at picking the right talent for the roles we need completed? What do lag and lead indicators have to do with choosing successful people? Talent is the foundation of behaviors, skill and performance. Talent is the pre-wired condition we have at birth. Up until now, we didn’t know how to measure our talents so that we could make the ultimate use of them. We do now! Research says we are hiring 1 out of 5 people correctly using the current selection tools. Join Dr. Gary Russell to learn how to win at creating an a winning profile for your team, and become more effective at recruiting the right talent – to drive extraordinary performance for your firm!


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    7 Keys to Building Relationships That Transform Culture and Drive Productivity
    TUESDAY, OCT 13TH | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET

    Facilitated by Mo Fathelbab, President of Forum Resources Network
    With all eyes on bringing more humanity into the workplace, Mo’s facilitated discussion will have a powerful impact on your company’s culture.  Mo will provide practical ways friendship can strengthen bonds that form relationships, culture and productivity. Studies have shown how friendship at work improves employee productivity, happiness, retention, and the culture of an organization.  Mo’s book, the Friendship Advantage,  explores how having a best friend at work effects the level of employee engagement in their jobs and with customers, the quality of their work and their level of well-being. Join us to learn.


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    Low Employee Utilization Rates Can Kill Your Firm:  Join Us to Learn How to Overcome that Challenge
    THURSDAY, OCT 15TH | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET

    Facilitated by Rich Sheinfeld, Partner and Director of Bain & Co.
    Every business has problems--yours included. Professional services organizations struggle to address a range of concerns, such as project management issues, hiring, and billing. Since these businesses focus on providing knowledge-based services, some of these challenges can be particularly difficult to surmount.  According to a PwC study that examined over 10,000 projects at 200 companies, only 2.5% of those surveyed managed to successfully complete all of their projects. While every business has a unique culture and approach to the market, there are common problems that recur, regardless of the size of the company or scope of the project. However, your management team can prepare for and effectively manage billable hours and utilization rates.


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    Time for Buy-Sell Agreement:  The Value of a Contractual Partner Exit Plan
    TUESDAY, OCT 20TH | 8:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM CT / 11:00 AM ET

    Facilitated by Ladd Hirsch, Attorney and Shareholder with Winstead PC
    Ladd Hirsch, an attorney with Winstead, will address the importance of adopting a defined partner exit plan to avoid future disputes upon the departure of a business partner.  Ladd will discuss the key aspects of buy-sell agreements, issues related to company valuation and discounts that apply to minority-held interests in business and various methods used in valuing a business interest upon the departure of a partner.  Ladd will also cover the use of phantom stock or stock appreciation rights as an alternative to equity grants to incentivize the performance of current or future employees in the business. Ladd is a solution-oriented trial attorney with more than 30 years experience representing companies and high net worth business clients in complex litigation cases and arbitration matters.  Ladd is tenacious and pragmatic for his clients in both the courtroom and boardroom in seeking results that meet their short and long-term business objectives.


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    Learn How to Win Mindshare and Marketshare
    THURSDAY, OCT 22ND | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET

    Facilitated by Karen Mangia, Vice President, Customer & Market Insights at Salesforce
    There's one voice that matters more than any other: the voice of your clients. How do you tune in to your clients, turn down the noise and tame your competition? Discover new questions to generate new insights and new results, including the Genius Question, the Catalyst Questions and the one question every organization must ask now. Discover how to differentiate your firm and help you gain a fresh perspective into any customer, anywhere – by asking powerful new questions. Win greater mindshare and market share with the fresh approach to customer experience and customer success we'll explore together.


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    Employee Engagement that Drives Performance: Igniting Passionate Performance
    THURSDAY, NOV 5th |  1:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm CT / 4:00 pm ET

    Facilitated by Lee and Julie Colan, Co-Founders and Owners of The L Group
    Times have changed, and our world has certainly changed, but people have not. Your people – and the performance they deliver – are the defining competitive advantage for your organization. Leaders are the key to engaging employees’ minds and hearts. Passionate Performance is found within the minds and hearts of employees where basic human needs are fulfilled. It’s a simple but powerful formula: When my needs are fulfilled, I am engaged, and I perform at my peak ability. The Passionate Performance model of employee engagement spans industries, cultures and generations because it is based on six human needs – three intellectual (to engage minds) and three emotional (to engage hearts). As a result, it has been translated into 9 languages worldwide since 2004.


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    How to Drive Customer Success, and Fuel Your Firm’s Growth
    THURSDAY, NOV 12TH | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET

    Facilitated by Irit Eizips, CEO of CSM Practice
    Customer Success is a strategic necessity for companies hoping to grow and retain their customers, however companies often look to the past for answers. However, the past is often siloed and does not provide the right indicators to move to the future. As a business owner, you need to understand your ever-evolving customers’ business needs and find ways to adjust your strategy to help your customers achieve their desired business outcomes through positive customer experience.  Irit Eizips, CEO of CSM Practice, will lead a fascinating discussion on how to design an effective and scalable customer success practice that’s fully-aligned with best practices. We’ll discuss how you can reduce churn, improve expansion selling and increase advocacy.



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