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    "Discussions that match the pace of change in the world on the most relevant and urgent topics."

    Weekly Discussions are a round-table exchange of ideas, best practices and innovative solutions offering actionable advice with real take-away value. By sharing in this open exchange, Collective 54 members can effectively address the most urgent topics facing their business. It’s the fastest way to get actionable advice, real answers and unbiased feedback.
    Greg Fincke 300
    Characteristics that Influence Valuation
    Facilitated by Greg Fincke, Managing Director, Equiteq (profile)
    There are definitive characteristics of a professional services firm that tend to contribute to higher valuations than firms that lack these characteristics. By focusing on these characteristics at your firm, you and your team can build the value of your specialty services firms. All the characteristics tend to promote profitability, growth and value while reducing risk.
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    Guha 300
    It’s All About the Base: Strategies for Defending and Growing Your B2B Client Base During Uncertain Times
    Facilitated by Seshadri Guha, Chairman and Managing Partner of CGN Global (profile)
    Leaning into data and best practices can help weather the storm and position professional services firms for renewing and expanding key revenue streams as markets stabilize. Those with strong foundations, the ability to mobilize rapidly will be here next year to grow again.
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    Cultivating a Network of Innovation and Thought Leadership
    Facilitated by Denise Lambertson, Chairwoman and Founder of LMS (profile)
    Innovation and thought leadership is about sparking new ideas and inspiring new possibilities, no matter their source. No single company can innovate on its own. But, by arming your staff with channels to reach out to leaders, thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs, you can a successfully encourage innovation across your firm!
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    Dan Stevens
    Staying in Touch: How to Improve Digital Engagement for Customer Success
    Facilitated by Dan Stevens and Randell Mauricio, WorkerBee TV (profile)
    We have pivoted to being at home during this pandemic and continuing our work. There has been a quick shift to web meetings and online tools. Looking at this through the lens of customer success, we need to prepare for a new engagement model with customers that will both meet their needs and align with outcomes over their lifecycle with your services.
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    Brenda Hurtado 300
    To Thrive, Move Your Business Upscale or Downscale: Learn How to Effectively Position Your Business
    Facilitated by Brenda Hurtado, COO of The Point Group (profile)
    When it comes to positioning your service in the marketplace, you will find yourself in one of three positions: You will either compete on the high end, the low end, or in the middle. In other words, you either offer a high-end product or service, a low-cost solution, or you try to straddle the middle and be all things to all people. What we're seeing today, however, is that the middle market is increasingly going away as it gets beaten by competitors from either end.
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    Tony Falkenstein2 (002) - Headshot
    Facilitated by Tony Falkenstein, Founder and CEO of Just Life Group, Ltd. (profile)
    Tony bought his company for $1 more than 30 years ago, and it’s now listed on the NZ Stock Exchange! Join us as Tony offers the 10 most important lessons he learned on his way to success. And not all the stories are good, some of the best lessons were bad, but the bad ones provided some of the best learnings! Learn from Tony’s Falkenstein’s many years of highs and lows of business and gain astounding insights into a career founded on common sense, bravery and smart thinking. Tony has started over 50 businesses and has written a best-selling book called “Never Hire a Person Who Walks Slowly” and it is a deceptively simple handbook for entrepreneurs. 
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    Bio picture-1
    Maximizing Board Impact during Challenging Times
    Facilitated by Bob Arciniaga, Chief Board Architect and Founder of Advisory Board Architects (profile)
    Do you have a Board ready to confront challenges and take advantage of opportunities? Is your board a “fairly good” or “good” board or is it a true asset to your company? How do you know? How do you know the level of ROI that the shareholders are receiving from the board? If you would like to understand how to build or enhance your current board processes for greater impact, join us.
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    Peter Campbell 300
    Leaving a Legacy - Thinking Through the End Goal
    Facilitated by Peter Campbell, Founder and Managing Partner of Education Growth Partners (profile)
    Join us for a provocative discussion about how to design your company legacy and to how define your ideal outcome. In business, it sometimes helps to start at the end, and then move backwards. Is it financial reward for you and your employees?  Is it having long-term impact on your craft?  It is making a difference in the world?  Is it providing a great sustainable path forward for your team and your brand?  Come join a robust discussion on how to think about these goals - and seeds you can begin planting today to reach them.
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    Transforming a Lifestyle Business into a Growth-Based Organization
    Facilitated by Doug Alexander, CEO of Focus Technology (profile)
    All businesses start with an idea, and eventually, a business plan. Yet before you dive into the intricacies of planning business operations and logistics, you should identify what type of business you want to start: growth or lifestyle.  Now, what if you want to change your trajectory - and build a growth-oriented company from a lifestyle firm?  Learn how to can transform a lifestyle business into the growth-oriented firm from an expert that’s accomplished that goal for his current firm!
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    Mike  Lawrie 300
    The Role of Private Equity in a Changing Global Business World
    Facilitated by Mike Lawrie, Founder and CEO of The Lawrie Group (profile)
    Private equity firms are groups of investment professionals that apply pools of capital from affluent individuals, pension funds, insurance firms, endowment funds and other sources toward investing in businesses that show the potential for growth. The firms use their private equity holdings to carry out a variety of functions for their investors, for the businesses in which they invest and for themselves.
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