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collective 54 team

"If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more, and become more,
you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams, 6th U. S. President

    Our Leadership

    Collective 54 is managed by leaders who are passionate about members, their experiences, connections, and successes. Through curated introductions, facilitated conversations, tailored resources, crafted connections, valuable tools and assessments, and business services, our team takes care of every aspect by leveraging the value of the Collective 54 network to accelerate the success of members. Our business is focusing on your business.

    Greg Headshot
    Greg Alexander


    Greg Alexander is the Founder of Collective 54, innovating solutions to the problems that owners encounter when trying to grow, scale and exit their professional services firms. Prior to launching Collective 54, Greg started, scaled, and sold Sales Benchmark Index, a management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing effectiveness. The sale of SBI was the largest of its kind and made Greg one of the wealthiest men in the professional services industry. The proceeds from the sale were invested into Alexander Enterprises, where he currently serves as Chief Investment Officer, investing exclusively in boutique professional services firms run by leaders he admires and trusts. Greg is a leading authority on growing and scaling professional services businesses while preparing these firms for successful transitions, having spent his career working directly with a wide array of professional services firms and sectors. Greg is the author of three best-selling and critically acclaimed books, Topgrading for Sales with co-author Bradford D. Smart, and Making the Number with co-authors Aaron Bartels and Mike Drapeau and The CEO’s Guide to Getting More Out of the Sales Force. Greg’s purpose is to live a fulfilling life by taking risks and competing for extraordinary accomplishments, like helping members of Collective 54 achieve and maintain financial success. Greg has also served on several non-profit boards, including American Heart Association. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University Massachusetts and an MBA from Georgia Tech. LinkedIn, No boarder

    Linda Fisk Headshot 2
    Linda Fisk
    Chief Executive Officer


    Linda Fisk is the Chief Executive Officer of Collective 54, overseeing the firm’s strategic path of growth, development and success. Collective 54 is the nation’s only peer-advisory network of professional services firm owners connected through the shared mission of growing, scaling and effectively exiting their firms. Collective 54 provides priceless insight and effective solutions through proprietary diagnostics, assessments and resources as well as curated peer-to-peer discussions, all designed to accelerate the success of their members. Through confidential conversations and valuable solution templates and guided learning resources, Collective 54 provides the fastest way to get actionable advice and real answers tailored to a professional services firm’s challenges and business goals. Linda has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of several other leading consumer-focused companies, crafting compelling product offerings, value propositions and consumer experiences. Previously, Linda was responsible for the overall global public profile as well as the strategic acquisition and relationship management of members of YPO, a leadership community of more than 29,000 chief executives in more than 130 countries. Linda is sought out by leaders for both her deep expertise in crafting valuable consumer experiences as well as her insight and perspective for crafting and curating valuable brands. Linda actively serves on the Boards of several leading non-profit organizations. A sought-after public speaker, Linda’s focus is creating innovative impact so companies can flourish – uncovering new solutions for business problems and finding ways to overcome business challenges by applying creativity, discipline and intelligence. LinkedIn, No boarder

    Jeff Klaumann
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jeff Klaumann is the Chief Operating Officer of Collective 54, helping the owners of boutique professional services firms accelerate their success by growing, scaling and exiting. Jeff is focused on delivering a high value, effortless, and personalized experience for Collective 54 members while positioning the organization to address the changing needs of the members. With an unwavering commitment to infusing innovative design thinking and key customer experience principles in all development, Jeff creatively solves complex product, platform and technology problems. Jeff’s ‘user first’ philosophy focuses the needs of the user and customer experience first, then utilizes technology to help achieve business goals. Prior to joining Collective 54, Jeff Klaumann was the Chief Operating Office of Internet of Things America, responsible for the company’s operations including wireless connectivity, technology strategy, product portfolio, lifecycle management, network deployment, and service delivery in order to deliver world class service and implementation for clients and partners. He joined the company during seed funding and served as Chief Technology Officer before being elevated to Chief Operating Officer. Prior to his leadership role at Internet of Things America, Jeff transformed product management as well as led a multiphase technology strategy and digital transformation at YPO, a leadership community of more than 28,000 chief executives in more than 130 countries. Jeff has held transformational leadership positions in technology, software and telecommunications industries -- including CTO and COO. Jeff is a member of several Board of Directors and Advisory Boards, has spoken at numerous conferences and developer events, and has been awarded several U.S. patents. LinkedIn, No boarder

    Drew Larson
    Drew Larson
    Chief Marketing Officer


    As the Chief Marketing Officer for Collective 54, Drew has a passion for ensuring our members are achieving their growth, scale, and exit goals in a seamless, effortless experience. Drew is a strategic thinker, a dynamic executive with a keen ability to bring an engineer’s perspective to a traditional business role. Prior to Collective 54, Drew served as Head of Global Corporate Marketing for o9 Solutions, the premier AI platform for driving digital transformation of integrated planning and operations capabilities at companies such as Nike, Google, Walmart, Starbucks, GE, ExxonMobil, Bridgestone Tire, AB InBev, Ericsson, and Caterpillar. o9 has been named to Fortune 5000 fastest growing companies for two consecutive years, is recognized by the analyst firm Gartner as a Leader for Sales and Operations Planning, and is regularly listed as one of the best places to work in Dallas. Drew’s 20-year career covers startups, Fortune 500 companies like Apple and General Dynamics, and the U. S. government. He has held multiple board positions and is presently acting as the chairman of the Transportation Commission in Flower Mound, Texas. He graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in the college of engineering. LinkedIn, No boarder