Exclusive contacts, resources, tools and assessments are provided to members throughout our nationwide network. Our Member Success Managers ensure that each member reaps the benefits of Collective 54, enhancing their ability to grow, scale and exit their companies—building priceless connections along the way.

    Accelerating Your Success

    Collective 54 provides priceless insight through proprietary diagnostics, resources and solutions as well as real-world advice, on demand, from trusted advisors nationwide. Collective 54 provides the fastest way to get real answers and actionable advice on the most critical issues facing business owners today.

    • Leverage the network for help with the issues you’re facing as you grow and scale your firm.
    • Access proprietary diagnostics, in-depth assessments and valuable resources and solutions.
    • Gain valuable insight, real connections and new opportunities to grow your business. 
    • And, gather and share best practices in a trusted environment.
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    For Owners Like You, at Firms Like Yours, with Challenges Like Yours

    Members receive priceless insight about how to solve the hard problems, what to do with big opportunities, and how to accelerate their success. Collective 54 matches members with industry peer groups tailored to their company’s challenges and business goals. Members receive advice from accomplished business owners who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.  Together, members are able to transform their business and achieve their goals to grow and scale their business.

    Fastest Way to Get Actionable Advice and Real Answers

    In an atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement, Collective 54 members listen to each other, ask tough questions and offer valuable expertise, resources, connections and unbiased guidance to accelerate the success of their peers.  Members from across the nation count on their Collective 54 peer advisory group to help them make better decisions to drive better results in their pursuit to grow and scale their firms.  Learn from our inspiring innovators, seasoned business leaders and future industry disruptors.


    Confidential Conversations You Can’t Have Anywhere Else

    Collective 54’s confidential peer-to-peer advisory network works through challenges and opportunities in an environment of confidentiality and trust.  It’s the fastest way to get actionable advice, real answers and unbiased feedback.  Our members get the benefit of guidance they can trust from people they respect in a confidential environment to work out concerns and plans, challenges and opportunities. The leaders of Collective 54 are ready to share their expertise to help their peers make the right decision on the issues that matter most.