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    Prepare for Your Exit

    Know the right time to exit, at the right price, and at the right terms.  Work with other members who have sold their professional service business to strategic buyers and receive objective, unbiased and expert guidance to assess the value and attractiveness of your business to the market. We help you grow the equity value of their firm, in preparation for a transaction, and complete the sale by preparing you each step of the way. Learn how to demonstrate to a buyer how your revenue and profits are sustainable, and determine your best buyers and the best terms for you and your firm.

    Collective 54 can help you:

    • Scale Systems and Processes
    • Manage Operational Performance
    • Create Effective Pricing Strategies
    • Develop a Highly Engaged Staff
    • Give You Time to Work ON the Business
    • And More...

    Are You Ready?

    With your Collective 54 peers and a team of expert advisors, collaborate together, challenge each other, stress-test ideas and refine your exit strategy - in a trusting and confidential environment.

    • Do you have a list of firms in your category that recently sold? 
    • Do you know the price paid for each? 
    • Do you know the terms of each deal? 
    • Do you know the investment banker who represented each? 
    • Is your firm in the right category? 
    • Are you trying to sell your firm to the right group of buyers? 

    If you didn’t answer “YES!” to all questions, Collective 54 can help.
    Group 77

    “My experience with Collective 54 has been scintillating and spectacular. The team has insightful leaders with expertise and experience that have guided, coached, and mentored me towards success. The team is very energetic, has a diverse background, and very open to sharing ideas. It is an awesome and amazing united front that I am extremely glad to be a part of.”

    Asokan Ashok, CEO of UnfoldLabs Inc.

    Our Purpose-Built Memberships

    The purpose-built membership programs of Collective 54 are specifically designed to help owners accelerate the growth and scale of their firm, or maximize the valuation of their firm, in an atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement.  We offer programs designed specifically to meet your objectives, no matter if you run a small, entrepreneurial start-up, or an established firm with a strong leadership position.


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