The Boutique Podcast

One of the keys to selling your boutique is to eliminate the risk for the buyer. On this episode, we discuss how owners can increase the attractiveness of their firms by reducing investor risk.

As a firm scales its culture erodes. Bureaucracy creeps in as a firm gets larger. The owner shifts from an inspirational leader into a law enforcement officer which is not healthy. On this episode, we discuss how to build a great culture in professional services firms. 

There are two sales tools that allow boutique founders to win bigger, faster, and more often. On this episode we discuss how to increase sales effectiveness of professional services. 

There is a dirty little secret about owners of boutique professional service firms. It is called the Hero Syndrome, and if left unchecked, it will prevent you from scaling your firm. On this episode we discuss how to deal with this problem.

Boutiques lose more deals to a competitor we call “Do Nothing” than any other competitor. On this episode we discuss how boutique owners can improve sales results by defeating this pesky competitor.

A key to selling your professional services firm is building a wide and deep universe of potential buyers. On this episode, we discuss how to develop broad interest with potential acquirers.

A change to your pricing strategy is perhaps the quickest way to scale. It does not require an investment to implement and the benefits are immediate.

Yield is the ultimate measure of productivity. In this episode, we discuss how professional services firms scale faster by thinking about different ways to improve yield.

The best way to get the highest price for your firm at exit is to get the comps right. In this episode, we discuss how to drive up valuations through the proper positioning of professional services firms.

A lack of lifecycle awareness and management prevents scale. It results in expensive senior people doing junior work. This destroys cash flow. And it results in inexperienced junior people doing senior work. This destroys client satisfaction. Boutiques with poor cash flow and low client...