The Boutique Podcast

Founders of boutiques often mistakenly equate number of employees with success. However, lots of employees signals a poorly run firm. On this episode, we make the case for fewer employees and illustrate the impact to profitability.   

The service offering is how to deliver value to the client and designing it correctly is a mission-critical task. On this episode, we discuss how to re-think service design and delivery to accelerated profits.

Greed, if left unchecked, can get in the way of a successful exit. On this episode, we discuss a framework to help you keep greed from sinking your deal.

There is a difference between quality work and a great client experience. Firms that add a great client experience to high-quality work reach scale, and those who do not, stay small lifestyle businesses. On this episode, we discuss the importance of the client experience.

Boutiques constrain their growth by thinking too narrowly about monetization. They often think there is only one way to charge and only a couple of revenue sources available to them. We discuss the 9 common ways to make money in the professional services industry.

To sell your firm you must prove to a buyer that buying your firm is a better move than building the practice internally. We review a framework to help you think through the buy vs. build decision from the perspective of an investor.

Scaling a boutique requires new service offerings. Firms that keep bringing the same thing to clients, over and over, stall out due to client fatigue. Building a system to continuously listen to clients and develop new offerings is key.

As a firm scales, it must make a significant change to its sales strategy. The sales approach in a small, young firm becomes obsolete when scale becomes the focus. On this episode, we discuss how the sales strategy changes at different stages of a firm’s lifecycle.

There are 5 competitors’ boutiques must defeat to grow. On this episode we discuss a playbook to defeat these competitors.

One of the keys to selling your boutique is to eliminate the risk for the buyer. On this episode, we discuss how owners can increase the attractiveness of their firms by reducing investor risk.