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    Monthly Facilitated Conversations are carefully curated conversations between Collective 54 members on today’s most important issues and topics that impact professional services owners. By sharing lessons learned with peers, Collective 54 members benefit from the expertise of other successful business owners in their industry, trading advice, solving problems, overcoming challenges and elevating every aspect of their operations. Whether you are focused on market expansion or pricing strategies, you will find value in joining in the conversation to discuss what has worked and what hasn’t from people who have done it all.

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    Kevin Gray 300
    Increasing Leverage in Professional Service Firms
    Facilitated by Kevin Gray, CEO of Veracity Capital (profile)
    Learn how your firm’s business model relates to leverage as a mix of billing rate levels, target utilizations and billable hours quantity with a fixed overhead cost. Learn how to maximize your leverage in this discussion with experts who have solved this issue and accelerated their firm’s scale.
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    Andy Keith 300
    Winning More Business: Learn How to Compete, from the Experts
    Facilitated by Andy Keith, CEO of MultiView (profile)
    Learn how to help your organization automate opportunities, predict costs on prospective projects and align sales and service teams and win more business. Learn how to leverage professional services automation applications to build collaboration between sales and service delivery and win more business.
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    Rich Sheinfeld 300
    Client-centricity and Lifecycle Management Can’t Just be an Aspiration
    Facilitated by Rich Sheinfeld, Partner and Director of Bain and Company (profile)
    In this discussion, learn about the pace of change - from pioneering work to commodity work - and how to adjust the management of the firm dynamically. As an owner, learn how to evolve your management approach appropriately for each market your firm serves. Learn how owners can better focus their resources and drive up their profits by establishing “firewalls” between operating groups.
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    Adam Prager 300 on white
    Scaling Your Firm Brings Changes and Challenges. Is Your Leadership Team Ready to Adapt?
    Facilitated by Adam Prager, Co-Leader, Professional Service Practice, North America, Korn Ferry (profile)
    Learn how scaling brings its own changes and challenges, and how to help your leadership team adapt and evolve. Learn how to carefully consider the people you work with based on company needs, competence, experience in scaling a firm and strong culture fit.
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    Greg Fincke 300
    The Biggest Threats to Profitability in Professional Services Firms
    Facilitated by Greg Fincke, Managing Director of Equiteq (profile)
    Learn how to effectively grow and scale your firm, avoid the most common pitfalls and ensure that your leadership team is empowered and equipped for the changes and challenges to come. As a leader, learn how to identify issues early, be prepared to confront issues head on and avoid long-term damage to your company
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    Bruce Narrow 300
    Are You Going through Growing Pains? Learn How to Effectively Grow and Scale Your Firm, Avoiding the Pitfalls.
    Facilitated by Bruce Ballengee, Founder and CEO of Pariveda (profile)
    The challenge of moving from innovation to scale has confounded and frustrated even the most nimble startups. Learn how to effectively grow and scale your firm, avoid the most common pitfalls and ensure that your leadership team is empowered and equipped for the challenges to come.
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    Sean Magennis 300
    How to Avoid the Hero Syndrome? Replicate Yourself!
    Facilitated by Sean Magennis, CEO of Capital 54 (profile)
    Learn how to solve the under-delegation problem by replicating yourself though your partners and by replicating your partners through the staff. Learn how to re-focus your time on high-value tasks that are of critical importance to growth, scale, and exit.
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    Pete Lerma 300
    Ready to Successfully Guide Your Company through Cycles of Rapid Growth and Organizational Change? Learn How to Handle Rapid Growth.
    Facilitated by Pete Lerma, Principal and Founder of Richards/Lerma (profile)
    Learn how to handle the extremely volatile environment of the rapid growth stage of a company’s lifecycle. In this discussion, learn how to effectively face with challenging decisions that require adaptability and be an effective leader that inspires everyone else.
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    Joe headshot 300
    Mastering Growth: Learn the Insider Secrets to Proven Success - by the Experts
    Facilitated by Joe Gagnon, CEO of Performancetea.com (profile)
    Learn the secrets to mastering growth from the experts that have led the way. Learn how every component of a professional services organization can be better managed by modern business applications, from clients and people to projects and finance.
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    Andy Bateman 300
    How Professional Services Marketers Can Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace
    Facilitated by Andy Bateman, CEO of Sid Lee, USA (profile)
    Learn how professional services firms can effectively ‘sell the invisible’ – intangible qualities of experience and expertise that resist easy descriptions in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To grow and scale, learn how to market yourself and your services, leveraging effective and cost-efficient methodologies.

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