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    Cultivating a network of innovation and thought leadership

    Thursday, July 23, 2020 | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET
    Facilitated by Denise Lambertson, Chairwoman and Founder of LMS (biography)
    Innovation and thought leadership is about sparking new ideas and inspiring new possibilities, no matter their source. No single company can innovate on its own. But, by arming your staff with channels to reach out to leaders, thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs, you can a successfully encourage innovation across your firm!
    By creating connections with like-minded brands, influencers, clients and fans, you can expand your consumer base and boost your visibility across various social platforms. Through ever-evolving growth and engagement strategies, combined with innovative content you can keep your brand at the top of feeds and ahead of trends, building an interested and loyal following. By cultivating a network of innovation and thought-leadership, you gain influence and you can lead the “positive sharing” movement. You have incredible power, and therefore incredible responsibility.
    Join us to learn how you can empower your staff to innovate ideas they’re most passionate about and cultivate a network of innovation and thought leadership!
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    About our Host

    Denise Lambertson 300
    Denise Lambertson
    Chairwoman and Founder

    Long before she was hailed by Forbes as the founder “changing the influencer marketing platform between celebrities and startups,” Denise was leading the industry in brand partnerships and celebrity integrations. For over 10 years, Denise has relied on her acute business acumen and infallible intuition to build partnerships based on shared values, interpersonal chemistry, and complementary skill sets. An integral part of Madonna’s team for six years, Denise developed an expertise in music, film, television, fashion and fitness. Denise oversaw the global release of three #1 albums, three sold-out world tours, multiple live appearances, music videos, and countless commercial campaigns and brand extensions. In 2009, Denise founded LMS, a boutique agency that focuses on influencer and social media marketing solutions. Denise has pioneered various forms of partnership including building a brand around a celebrity founder or co-founder, C-suite talent integration into existing brands, talent investment with advisor services, talent investment with marketing services, and marketing services for sweat equity or revenue share. LinkedIn, No boarder