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    Maximizing Board Impact during Challenging Times

    Thursday, August 13th, 2020 | 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM ET
    Facilitated by Bob Arciniaga, Chief Board Architect and Founder of Advisory Board Architects (biography)
    Do you have a Board ready to confront challenges and take advantage of opportunities? Is your board a “fairly good” or “good” board or is it a true asset to your company? How do you know? How do you know the level of ROI that the shareholders are receiving from the board? If you would like to understand how to build or enhance your current board processes for greater impact, join us.
    When leveraged correctly Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors can provide an organization with a competitive advantage and ROI that is hard for other companies to replicate. A board and executive team that work in close collaboration can accelerate the organization’s strategic objectives. Learn how to track the level of impact that your board is generating in real time and how your executive team can generate more consistent and measurable impact from their board on a meeting by meeting basis.

    Join us to hear from Bob Arciniaga, whose firm pioneered the “high impact board” concept over fifteen years ago. Through a combination of presentation, interview and open Q&A, Bob will share proven tactics from almost 2,000 global boardrooms that you can implement immediately, including how to:

    • Make every Board Meeting strategically impactful, engaging, and high impact .
    • Bring aspects of forum into a boardroom setting to build greater trust and engagement.
    • Eliminate “reporting” in board meetings and engage in collaboration.
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    About our HosT

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    Bob Arciniaga
    Chief Board Architect and Founder
    Advisory Board Architects

    Bob Arciniaga is the Founder and Chief Board Architect of Advisory Board Architects, LLC. Founded in 2005, ABA builds, maintains, and manages “High Impact” advisory boards and boards of directors. ABA works with both private and publicly traded companies from $20mm in revenues to $22bil.

    ABA’s expertise is in how to effectively and efficiently leverage fiduciary and non-fiduciary boards for maximum impact and return for organizations and their shareholders. ABA has developed a proprietary process that transforms any type of board into a Strategic Accelerator that generates quantifiable ROI. The High Impact Board Engagement system is designed to increase the strategic impact that any board can generate for the organizations they serve. Their technology makes boards more efficient and effective, while increasing the level of engagement of the board members and Executive Teams. Bob has personally run and built boards for clients in Panama, Columbia, Mexico, Ukraine, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, China, and the US. Since our inception ABA is proud to have had over 1600 board meetings run on our proprietary platform in 14 different countries and 3 different languages.

    Bob is a recognized thought leader in building High Impact boards and conducts trainings and speaks at many events for boards of directors and membership organizations. He has provided his unique and energetic High Impact Board Training to a large number of organizations including; multiple YPO chapters and global events, Women in the Boardroom, Singapore and Hong Kong Institutes of Directors, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchanges, and numerous organization boards. Bob has been interviewed and highlighted in numerous publications including the NY Times and ABA was highlighted in the successful business book about innovative companies by Salim Ismael (2014) Exponential Organizations.
    Bob lives outside of Denver Colorado with his wife and three young children. LinkedIn, No boarder