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    Time for Buy-Sell Agreement; The Value of a Contractual Partner Exit Plan

    Tuesday, October 20th 8:00 am PT / 10:00 am CT / 11:00 am ET
    Facilitated by Ladd Hirsch, Attorney and Shareholder with Winstead PC.

    Ladd Hirsch, an attorney with Winstead, will address the importance of adopting a defined partner exit plan to avoid future disputes upon the departure of a business partner.  Ladd will discuss the key aspects of buy-sell agreements, issues related to company valuation and discounts that apply to minority-held interests in business and various methods used in valuing a business interest upon the departure of a partner.  Ladd will also cover the use of phantom stock or stock appreciation rights as an alternative to equity grants to incentivize the performance of current or future employees in the business. Ladd is a solution-oriented trial attorney with more than 30 years experience representing companies and high net worth business clients in complex litigation cases and arbitration matters.  Ladd is tenacious and pragmatic for his clients in both the courtroom and boardroom in seeking results that meet their short and long-term business objectives.



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